Syllabus · CSCI-115 · Website Design
Fall 2016 · Mr. Keith Briggs
Tue/Thur 5pm - 6:15pm

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Course Description

This course will cover the design and development of cross-browser web pages using CSS and HTML. Topics will include the creation of effective site navigation, the generation of table-less page layouts with CSS, and the design of pages that meet the W3C accessibility standards.

Prerequisite: The requirement is fluency with general computer use. This includes a basic understanding of networks, file manipulation and navigation, and working knowledge of a variety of software applications.

Software Application

A variety of software will be used.  A text editor such as Notepad++ or gedit will be used for writing source code.  An HTML editor such as Kompozer or Dreamweaver will be introduced later in the semester (depending on the availability in the classroom).  Several browsers will be available to assure that websites are developed for cross-browser compatibility. Additional FTP clients and graphic editors will be used to enable production of full websites.



Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5 (8th Edition), by Terry Felke-Morris
ISBN: 0134322754


Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (3rd Edition), by Steve Krug
ISBN: 0321965515

CSS: The Missing Manual (4th Edition), by David Sawyer McFarland
ISBN: 1491918055

Course Objectives

Participation and Attendance

Effective participation requires reading assignments BEFORE class and completing the practice tests for reading comprehension as well as making relevant comments during class. We will also have various unannounced in-class activities throughout the semester.  Some of these will have components that are submitted in a variety of ways, such as OAKS, embedded in your website, or verbally discussed. Your Participation/Attendance grade will account for 10% of your total grade.

Regular and punctual attendance is critical to your success in this class. No more than three (3) unexcused absences are permitted Excess absences will result in 5 points being deducted from your Final Grade. While most information will be available either online or in the textbook, some information may only be presented during class. You are responsible for all information and announcements whether or not you are present.

As for missed assignments during your absences, I drop the lowest homework grade. Hopefully that will be enough to cover your emergency situations. Tests will only be made up for compelling reasons for absence, such as sickness or death in family.

Academic Integrity and the College Honor Code

All students are expected to adhere to the College of Charleston Honor Code. The Code forbids lying, cheating, and plagiarism.  Plagiarism is defined as presenting the work of others as your own and copying sources without citation.  Plagiarism or cheating on an exam will result in an XF grade for the course. Students can find the complete Honor Code and all related processes in the Student Handbook at

Disability Accommodation

Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me individually to discuss your specific needs. Also, please contact the College of Charleston, Center for Disability Services for additional help.


Throughout the semester, several assignments will be due. Normally, these will be given on Thursday's class and due the following Wednesday night at 11:59pm. This should allow for ample time to attempt the assignment prior to the next class meeting and allow for questions before the due date. For now, assingments will be emailed to me in a compressed format to Subject line be CSCI115_LASTNAME_ASSIGNMENT#. Remain flexible on this, as I am still working out the kinks of my teaching style. Occationally there might be labs handed out to be completed in class. These weekly assignments and labs are both considered to be 'Homework and Classwork' in the grading ruberic below. Towards the end of the semester, a major project will be assigned with milestones due. Each milestone will have its own weight in the overall Project grade. More information will be provided when the project is assigned. The project will take the place of a final exam.

All website assignments (ones where the file extentions are .html, .htm, .css, .js) must render properly on the Firefox browser. Do not use any proprietery technologies that require special software to view/run. An example would be Microsoft fonts or JavaScript methods that only work on Firefox. I will be grading assignments on a Linux version of Firefox. This should not pose an issue, but should one arise, I will email you and give you an opportunity to demo your assignment.

I plan on administrating three (3) exams throughout the semester. These will cover the major topics that we will be learning.


Evaluation Scheme


Grading Scale

Homework and Classwork  25%   93 - 100
Project – Website & Milestones 35%   A- 90 - 92
Tests (3) 30%   B+ 88 - 89
Attendance and Participation 10%   B 83 - 87 
    B- 80 - 82 
Total 100%   C+  78 - 79
      C 73 - 77
      C- 70 - 72
      60 - 69%
      F Less than 60%

Other Policies and Information

Late Assignments: Assignments are due at 11:59pm on their due date. Thirty (30) points will be deducted if your assignment is late. I'm taking into account that some of your problems have to do with you not uploading assignments correctly. Nevertheless, you are responsible for making sure that your uploads work. Late assinments must be submitted no later than the next class period. Due dates for assignments will be strictly enforced — late penalties will be applied.

Tests & Exams: Make-up exams will not be given unless approved in advance for compelling reasons.

Computer, Cell Phone, & Headphones Policy:  We are in a classroom where everyone has a computer in front of them. There will be times  when I will ask you to use the computer for an in-class activity, but other than that I do not expect you to use them while we are having class discussions or presentations. In this class, you are forbidden from wearing headphones, texting, using social media, or using electronic devices in any way that is disruptive to learning.

Course Calendar: The Course Calendar, which is a separate handout, provides details on most assignments.

CSCI Walk-in Tutoring Lab: Located at the Center for Student Learning (first floor of the Library)

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